Other Book Fairs

We also provide fairs for High Schools, religious schools (we have an exciting stock of Christian, Catholic and Jewish titles), speaker events and teacher conferences.

  • HIGH SCHOOL BOOK FAIRS: In addition to the younger teen titles we bring to a middle school, we also carry an assortment of more mature teen titles, specifically for high school students.
  • CATHOLIC SCHOOL BOOK FAIRS: For Catholic schools, we augment our regular book fair with an array of Catholic titles ranging from picture books to adult titles.
  • JEWISH SCHOOL BOOK FAIRS: For Jewish schools, we augment our regular book fair with a broad assortment of Jewish titles (such as board books, picture books, chapter books, young adult novels, bible stories, biographies, other nonfiction, cook books and adult titles). We can also pack a selection of popular titles by Jewish authors.
  • TEACHER SCHOOL BOOK FAIRS: For teachers who have grant money to spend on their classroom libraries, we can set up an entire fair at your school. This is a fun, easy way for them to shop. Teacher book fairs generally last a full day, and are run by Mrs. Nelson's staff. You provide us with a purchase order number and we'll provide the necessary paperwork for billing (plus, you'll get a 10% discount), and your teachers get to walk out with their new books!