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Endling: The First

ISBN: 9780062335579

Contributors: Applegate, Katherine (Author)
Kostenko, Max (Illustrator)

Publisher: HarperCollins, 2020

Binding: Paperback (Readerbound Available)

Retail: $7.99

Discounted Price
1 copy: $6.23
2-29 copies: $5.83
30+ copies: $5.59


<p>IN BOOK TWO OF KATHERINE APPLEGATE'S EPIC FANTASY ADVENTURE, BYX WILL BECOME THE FIRST TO LEAD A REVOLUTION.</p><p>Byx never expected she'd be the first.</p><p>The first of her pack to befriend a human.</p><p>The first to defy the ruler of their kingdom and live to tell the tale.</p><p>Byx always feared being the last dairne. The endling.</p><p>Now she is the first to journey into the unknown.</p><p>And the first to uncover a deadly secret.</p><p>She will become the first to change everything. BYX fears she's the last of her kind, the endling. But legend tells of a place with a hidden dairne colony. So she's on a journey into the snow-covered mountains of the country of Dreyland to find them, along with her friends: </p><p>Loyal TOBBLE, </p><p>Brave and resourceful KHARA, </p><p>Wise but deadly GAMBLER, </p><p>and RENZO the magical thief.</p><p>As the threat of war grows across the lands, they will face untold dangers at every turn. And when a treacherous plot that could bring both Byx's dreams and the creatures of their world to the brink of extinction is revealed, they may just become the unlikely leaders of a rebellion.</p>

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