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Weeds of the South

ISBN: 9780820330464

Contributors: Wiese, Alan F (Contribution by)
Smith, B (Contribution by)
Serviss, Brett (Contribution by)
Monks, C (Contribution by)
Elmore, C (Contribution by)
Bridges, David (Contribution by)
Johnson, David (Contribution by)
Jordan, David (Contribution by)
Hall, David (Contribution by)
Murray, Don (Contribution by)
Retzinger, E J (Contribution by)
Stritzke, J (Contribution by)
Keeling, J (Contribution by)
Chandler, James (Contribution by)
Goodlett, Jennifer (Contribution by)
Cardina, John (Contribution by)
Boyd, John (Contribution by)
Green, Jonathan (Contribution by)
Oliver, L (Contribution by)
Wax, Loyd (Contribution by)
Sosnoskie, Lynn (Contribution by)
Ketchersid, Mary (Contribution by)
Society, Mississippi Weed Science (Contribution by)
Blair, Mitchell (Contribution by)
Coile, Nancy (Contribution by)
Hackett, Neil (Contribution by)
Haragan, Patricia (Contribution by)
Hayes, Robert (Contribution by)
Becker, Roger L (Contribution by)
Tyrl, Ronald J (Contribution by)
Fitterer, Scott A (Contribution by)
Askew, Shawn D (Contribution by)
Southern Weed Science Society (Contribution by)
Shaaf, Steve (Contribution by)
Harrison, Steven A (Contribution by)
Clason, Terry R (Contribution by)
Webster, Theodore M (Contribution by)
Murphy, Timothy R (Contribution by)
Maddox, Victor L (Contribution by)
Skroch, Walter A (Contribution by)
Bryson, Charles T (Editor)
DeFelice, Michael S (Editor)
Evans, Arlyn (Photographer)

Publisher: University of Georgia Press, 2009

Binding: Paperback (Readerbound Available)

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Includes illustrations of the most common characteristics of plants and terms used to describe them, a key to plant families included in the book, a glossary of frequently used terms, a bibliography, and indexes of scientific and common plant names.

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