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Weeds of the Midwestern United States & Central Canada

ISBN: 9780820335063

Contributors: Bryson, Charles T (Editor)
DeFelice, Michael S (Editor)
Askew, Shawn D (Contribution by)
Becker, Roger L (Contribution by)
Blair, Mitchell (Contribution by)
Boyd, John (Contribution by)
Bridges, David (Contribution by)
Bryson, Charles T (Contribution by)
Cardina, John (Contribution by)
Chandler, James (Contribution by)
Clason, Terry R (Contribution by)
DeFelice, Michael S (Contribution by)
Elmore, C (Contribution by)
Evans, Arlyn (Contribution by)
Hayes, Robert (Contribution by)
Hall, David (Contribution by)
Wax, Loyd (Contribution by)
Fitterer, Scott A (Contribution by)
Goodlett, Jennifer (Contribution by)
Green, Jonathan (Contribution by)
Hackett, Neil (Contribution by)
Murray, Don (Contribution by)
Haragan, Patricia (Contribution by)
Harrison, Steven A (Contribution by)
Johnson, David (Contribution by)
Keeling, J (Contribution by)
Ketchersid, Mary (Contribution by)
Maddox, Victor L (Contribution by)
Monks, C (Contribution by)
Murphy, Timothy R (Contribution by)
Oliver, L (Contribution by)
Pawlak, John A (Contribution by)
Retzinger, E J (Contribution by)
Serviss, Brett (Contribution by)
Skroch, Walter A (Contribution by)
Smith, B (Contribution by)
Sosnoskie, Lynn (Contribution by)
Stritzke, J (Contribution by)
Vencill, William K (Contribution by)
Webster, Theodore M (Contribution by)
Wiese, Alan F (Contribution by)
Jordan, P W (Contribution by)
Koger, C H (Contribution by)
Lym, R G (Contribution by)
Evans, Arlyn (Photographer)

Publisher: University of Georgia Press, 2010

Binding: Paperback (Readerbound Available)

Retail: $48.95

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Includes illustrations of the most common characteristics of plants and terms used to describe them, a key to plant families included in the book, a glossary of frequently used terms, a bibliography, and indexes of scientific and common plant names.

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