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Getting Dizzy

ISBN: 9781684158386

Contributors: Fontana, Shea (Author)
Moscote, Celia (Illustrator)

Publisher: Boom Box, 2022

Binding: Paperback (Readerbound Available)

Retail: $14.99

Discounted Price
1 copy: $11.69
2-29 copies: $10.94
30+ copies: $10.49


"Dizzy is a fifteen year old who wants to be the best! The best at what? She hasn't figured that out just yet. When one idea after another fails, she's ready to even give up roller skating -- until the Negatrixes attack! Under the mantle The 'Burb Defender, Dizzy finally has a chance to be the best, but only with the help of her skating crew: Chipper, Scarlett, Payton, and Av. First, she'll need to learn how to use her colorful powers endowed by the Blaster Bracelet, Helmet of Help, and speed-enhanced skates. But in order to save Ruseberg from the negative Negatrix energy that's flooding the town, she'll also need to overcome her own self-doubt AND her emerging Chose One complex! Will the 'Burb Defender and her crew be enough to defeat the Mega-Negatrix?" -- Back cover.

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