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Store Closed


Judy and Byron Nelson, owners of Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop, Inc., have decided that after operating our independent family owned bookstore for 28 years,has closed its doors in early January, 2014.

We are tremendously grateful for all the children, parents and educators, who have supported our store over the past three decades. We are honored to have shared our love of children's literature with you.

We recognize that the retail business is changing and now has an emphasis on "big box" discount stores. Additionally, the surge in popularity of online sales and e-books has resulted in enormous changes in the book market.  Mrs. Nelson's is unable to compete with these trends, and we recognize that closing our store is the necessary course of action for us to take.

The closure will affect the La Verne store location only. Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair Company and Mrs. Nelson's Library Services, both of which are located in Pomona, will remain open.  Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair Company, the fundraising arm of our business, provides book fairs to over 400 schools, reading conferences and festivals, each year. Mrs. Nelson's Library Services offers book ordering, binding and rebinding services, for school and library books.

We would like to thank all of you---store staff, (past and present), customers, publishers, booksellers, authors and illustrators---for your support, friendship, and all the wonderful memories you have given us.

With Love,

Judy and Byron Nelson

Owners, Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop