Our Process

  • High Density Board

    • - Prevents cover warping
    • - Helps book lay flat
    • - Resists bending

    • - Book block doesn't pull away from spine
    • - Keeps pens/pencils out of the typical spine gap

    • - Creates strongest bond in the industry
    • - Prevents pages from loosening


Mrs. Nelson's is the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on textbook rebinding. We stand by our craftsmanship and guarantee that if our binding fails, we will repair or replace the book free of charge.

Additional Textbook Services

( Fees Apply)

Inside Cover Reprinting

When there is vital information printed on the inside of a textbook's cover, such as maps, equations, and tables, we can create full color reproductions of these pages.

Custom Property Boxes

All rebound textbooks will receive a new property box free of charge. We can also personalize your books with your school or district information.

Page Replacements

If your books have missing or badly damaged pages, we can use another book to create two-sided color replacement copies. Use our page replacement order form to request this service.

How To Order

Step 1 : Download & Fill Out Form

Download our order form and fill out your school's information, the type of rebinding you would like, and fill in the list of titles to be rebound.

If you would like to use our additional services, download and fill out the appropriate pages on our Order Form. Books that need replacement pages should have the form attached to the front cover of each book.

Step 2: Request a Quote

After filling out the order form, email or fax it to us and we will reply with a quote in 1-2 business days.

(909) 397 - 7833

Step 3: Confirm Your Pick-Up or Shipping Date

Customers in Southern California will either be sent a shipping label or will be picked up by our delivery trucks.

We will send you a shipping label for smaller orders or orders outside of Southern California.