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Mrs. Nelson’s Book Company combines wholesale book ordering, a book bindery, and pre-owned textbook sales and buyback services to extend the life of books, generate revenue for schools, and promote the love of reading and learning.

Wholesale Ordering Wholesale Ordering

Mrs. Nelson's has been providing books to schools and libraries since 1986 and is an expert at finding exactly the book you need at the lowest price. With access to virtually any book in print, you will be sure to find the right solution to your book needs.

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Textbook Rebinding Rebinding Image

Mrs. Nelson’s offers a low-cost textbook repair service for your damaged books. Our bindery is capable of bringing your most battered books back to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of buying new or used textbooks.

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Readerbound™ Readerbound

Our Readerbound editions are the most cost-effective way to purchase books that need to withstand heavy classroom or library use. Bound with steel wire stitching, "no-gap" spines and backed with a Lifetime Warranty, you can be sure that Readerbound will outlast any other editions available.

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TextBook Sales & Buyback TextBook Sales & Buyback

Save money by purchasing textbooks for a fraction of the original publisher’s cost and free up revenue by selling your overstock and obsolete textbooks. Our Client Services Manager can meet with you to evaluate your inventory and write a check to your school for any books that have value. We can also arrange for a recycling pick up of your discarded titles.

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