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Additional Rebinding Services

The following services will be automatically performed in order to bring your textbooks back to a usable condition. If you would like us to skip these services, please write “Bind As-Is” on your order form.

  • Replace Title Page
    If the title page is missing or badly damaged we will make a color copy and replace the page. Fees apply.*

  • Printed Property Box
    All textbooks will receive a new property box printed on the front endsheet.

  • Reprint content on front or back endsheets
    If your textbook has information on the front or back endsheet that is important to the content of the book, we will make a color copy and bind it back into your textbook. A page replacement fee applies.*

Optional Services Available*:

  • Replace Missing Pages
    If you have a textbook with missing or damaged pages, we can make a clean copy from another book and use it to replace the damaged or missing pages. Please indicate the pages needing replacing with a note taped to the cover of the book. A page replacement fee applies for each double-sided copy.

  • Custom Property Box
    Custom property boxes with information specific to your school or district are available. A small fee applies.

  • Expedited Turn-around
    Mrs. Nelson’s can rush your order if you have a tight deadline. Please contact us prior to sending your textbooks to us to make sure your deadline can be met. Special pricing applies.

* Please refer to our pricing sheet for details.

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