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Textbook Rebinding FAQs

Q. How do I begin the process?

A. Fill out our rebinding order form and email or fax it to us. Once we receive your order form, we can arrange for the pick-up of your boxes. Once we receive your books, we inspect them and send you a formal quote confirming what arrived to our warehouse. If everything matches your order form we can begin working on the order immediately. If we have any questions about a discrepancy, we will send the order into the bindery upon your approval.

Q. Can I send you my books without filling out the paperwork?

A. Yes you can. However, this may delay us being able to work on your order if we have any questions. Typically, we need to know if you want us to replace pages if we happen to find them or if you want your books bound as-is, your deadline date, and where we would be delivering the books back to.

Q. Can I send you my order without a Purchase Order?

A. Yes, we can start on your order before we receive a Purchase Order. Upon receipt of the books we will provide you with a formal quote for you to use to create your requisition. We will just need your Purchase Order on file before we can ship the books back to you.

Q. What is your turn-around time?

A. During our busiest season, May-September, we complete orders based on the deadlines that you provide us with. We ask that you let us know when you need your books returned so you have time to process and distribute your books. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule request and we typically ask for 3-4 weeks to work on your order. You can reserve your deadline with us in advance by calling or emailing us. From October-April we typically have a 2-3-week turnaround time. A better estimated turn-around time will be confirmed with you upon the receipt of your order.

Q. Do I need to box up the books myself?

A. If you are local we can attempt to schedule a pick-up using our drivers. They can bring boxes with them and assist in packing the books. Typically, we ask that you have the books boxed up before we schedule a pick-up with either UPS or our own drivers. You can use any boxes, especially ones from our previous deliveries to you!

Q. Can I rebind a paperback textbook?

A. We can rebind any paperback or hardcover textbook.

Q. Can I rebind my books in buckram?

A. Unfortunately we cannot rebind your books in buckram. We use the highest quality Library Standard materials and full-color graphic covers over board.

Q. Can I send you my library books to rebind?

A. Yes, we can usually rebind any book (except for bibles and other heirloom books) but we strongly suggest checking with us to see if your library book can be replaced with a new copy through our wholesale book division. Since we have access to virtually any title in print, we can often find a replacement for less than the cost of rebinding the book.

Q. Why and when do I need to send a clean copy?

A. To recreate your full-color graphic cover, we scan the artwork from the original cover. We have over 2,500 covers in our database, but every once in a while we come across a book that we do not have in our system. If you are sending us a book that we have not previously bound we would need to scan a clean copy of the book to make the cover. Please feel free to call or email us to see if you need to send a clean copy with your order.

Q. Will I lose the barcodes on my books during the rebinding process?

A. Since we completely strip the books from their original covers, any barcodes or stickers on the book will be lost in the rebinding process. Please remove the barcodes before sending them to us. You can also notify us that you would like us to remove, save, and send back the barcodes with your completed order.

Q. What does your Lifetime Warranty cover?

A. Our warranty covers the craftsmanship of our binding which ensures that no pages become loose, the book block remains firmly attached to the cover, the lamination is properly bonded to the cover paper, and, in general, our binding can withstand normal wear and tear.

Q. Can I send my library books with the rest of my textbook rebinding order to be rebound?

A. Yes you can. However, library books will be separated and processed separately from your textbooks. During our busiest Summer season they would not be completed until we had availability in the bindery (in order to meet our textbook deadlines). We have a 5 copy minimum per title to rebind library books. Purchasing prebound novels are often more cost-effective than rebinding your old library books, please feel free to call or email us to get a quote.

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