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Textbook Reconditioning Policies

General Information

  • As-is orders will be refurbished in the condition that they are received in with the exception of books with severe water damage or mold which are rejected.

  • Regular textbook orders with the first and last three missing or badly damaged pages (torn, heavily worn, or folded) will be automatically replaced. Please check pricing/order form for more information on charges.

  • Regular textbook orders with content on the front or back cover (i.e. periodic table of elements) will be automatically replaced since the cover will be stripped from the book block when rebinding. Please check pricing/order form for more information on charges. As-is orders will not have this information automatically replaced unless the Custom End Sheet option has been selected.

  • Warranty repairs with substantial damage may be back ordered and delivered in a separate shipment due to the additional time required for reconditioning.

  • When requesting our page replacement service, please be sure that an additional copy of the same book is included and can be used to reprint missing pages. Reprinted pages consist of one double-sided color copy which is billed a single page.

  • The reconditioning process includes trimming 1/8" off of all sides of the textbook to remove dirt and markings. If trimming will cause any text or page numbers to be cut off then the end sheets of the book will need to be hand trimmed or rejected. We need at least 5/16" border from the gutter of the book in addition to the 1/8" from the edges. Please check pricing/order form for more information on charges.

  • When rebinding previously bound textbooks, we will tag the books as "prebound." Due to the difference in size from regular books, previously rebound books need to be handled separately and will be billed. Please check pricing/order form for more information on charges.

  • Any books that arrive to us with pages that are out of order will be charged an hourly inspection fee to put them back into numerical order. Putting a book into numerical order typically takes around 15 minutes. Please check pricing/order form for more information on charges.

  • Barcodes must be printed and provided to the bindery by the customer with their order. We will not match textbooks to specific barcode numbers.

  • Although we offer free shipping on large orders, we will charge a freight fee for any second delivery attempts due to incorrect addresses or closed locations. Please confirm your ship-to address and hours of operation prior to submitting your order. Please check pricing/order form for more information on charges.

Rejected Textbooks

  • Textbooks may be rejected for several reasons. The most common reasons are as follows: water damage, mold, and insufficient margins.

  • In the event that we discover that a book must be rejected after the refurbishing prcess has been started the book(s) may be returned without the cover.

  • We will automatically return all rejected textbooks to the customer along with a $2.00 rejection charge. Please let us know before your order has been invoiced if you would like to forgo this automatic service and we will recycle your rejected books for free.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship. Our warranty covers necessary repairs that result from the rebinding process. The most common reasons for a textbook to be repaired under our warranty are pages falling out and the cover coming apart from the book block. Our warranty does not cover damage to textbooks caused by normal wear-and-tear, negligence, or misuse of the book. Things such as crushed corners and worn spines are some examples of misuse and wear-and-tear. We are unable to guarantee hand-trimmed books.

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